Item code:VG1023M
Product name: Sensor basin faucet

- Sensor basin faucet - battery used

- All Viglacera faucet body is casted by 100% pure brass.

- Proteced by 1 red brass layer, 2 niken layers and 1 Chrome layer with total thickness up to 22μm.

- The cardtriges are imported from Ceramtech - Germany with ceramic sliding surface. Durable using over 10 years (equal to 500.000 opened-closed times)

- The aerators are imported from Neoperl-Germany with high quality plastic withstanded the temperature up to 140 degrees celcious in the long time. The structure of product is designed as honeycomb stanbilized the water flow which help to created soft water flow, reduce noice and save water.

- Washer is used with high elasticity, abrasion resistance, temperature resistant up to 90 degrees.

- Dual twisted outlet hose for shower is covered by inox 304.