Launching Premium Color-body Tiles is the highlight of Viglacera in Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh 2019

03:40 | 19/06/2019

In the morning of 19th June 2019, The exhibition Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh 2019 was officially opened at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), No 799 Nguyen Van Linh street, Tan Phu Commune, District 7. With the theme of Construction – Building materials – Real Estate & Interior-exterior decoration, Vietbuild HCM 2019 had the participation of more than 2.300 stalls from 27 countries and regions all over the world.

Viglacera Corporation – JSC continues to be the main sponsor for Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh 2019 

Being located in the center, the 45-year-of-Viglacera stall with an elegant and luxury design stood out in the Exhibition and became a special attraction to customers 

Joining Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh this time, Viglacera Corporation brought “a breath of fresh air” to people who were in love with European designs by launching the collection “Premium Color-body tiles”. Color-body inherits and uses technical improvement from Viglacera‘s Signature Premium tiles with the orientation of being applied for exterior areas and halls of luxurious shopping mall. The requirements for products applied for those mentioned areas are high surface hardness, good chip resistance, good slip resistance. Viglacera already researched and applied various technical solutions into manufacturing Color-body tiles to overcome the limitations of the -same-line products in the market.

Premium color-body tiles – the first time introduced to the market by Viglacera 

Deputy Minister of Construction – Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh visited and saw Color-body tiles of Viglacera 

Continuing the succeed of Eurotile product line in Southern market, Color-body was manufactured with the common sizes 30x60 and 60x60. It’s estimated that in the next year, there will be more sized to be manufactured: 45x90, 60x120 and 20x120. This product is distributed in the market with the outside package “Viglacera Platinum” – one of the premium product line which is manufactured to increase the competitiveness of Viglacera in the market.

Viglacera premium granite tiles 

Besides, Viglacera Corporation also focused on exhibiting “green” products which are friendly to environment such as Viglacera energy saving glass – an effective solution for the electricity saving issue of architectures in Southern Vietnam; Viglacera ALC panel – a solution to increase usable floor area of apartments and minimize the bad effects to natural environment.

Viglacera energy-saving glass attracted lots of interest from customers 

Viglacera ALC Panel

Besides the attraction from friendly-to-environment products, the smart sanity ware product V-Smart and the premium bathroom equipment set of Viglacera also attracted the special interest from customers who are families. The premium sanitary equipment set of Viglacera is the synchronization of V-smart automotive toilet, washbasin, bathroom cabinet, faucet & tap, shower. The designing style is European style: simple but still luxurious and could meet multiple-demands.

The V-Smart collection and the premium bathroom equipment set of Viglacera 

The premium terra cotta product had been technically improved to be thinner with diversifying sizes and colors. Especially in the roof tile product line, Viglacera exhibited and introduced the big size roof tile product with the size of 10v/m. This is the trend of roof tiles having European styles, extraordinary color and being glazed to increase the durability and beauty of the product.

Defining Ho Chi Minh city and other Southern provinces as the center of development, for the past years, Viglacera corporation has already focused on enlarging the marketing, improving showrooms which introduce products, increase promotions and branding. Up to now, Viglacera’s products are highly evaluated for both prestige and quality by customers and are dominating the market more strongly than ever. The main message of Viglacera in Vietbuild 2019 is “Viglacera – Vietnamese enterprise who pioneers in applying top technologies of the world to build a better, greener and more sustainable life for Vietnamese people”.

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