Modern technologies applied in the high-end Viglacera Platinum sanitary ware product line

01:21 | 25/05/2021

With a pioneering orientation in terms of trends and technology, Viglacera Platinum sanitary ware products lead the market thanks to advanced solutions applying modern technology, solving overall customer needs, bringing experience to a whole new level.

Viglacera Platinum sanitary ware applies many modern technologies, increasing the user experience 

On the development journey, Viglacera has cooperated with world leading experts in the design and transfer of modern technology, creating the premium product line Viglacera Platinum. This is a product line with a pioneering mission to bring solutions to create modern living spaces, apply advanced technology to create outstandingly improved products, suitable and safe design, friendly for customers. 

Through the accumulation of experience in the field of manufacturing ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, Viglacera's leading experts have made many improvement efforts that have brought impressive results in the long run. Viglacera Platinum sanitary ware was born as a turning point of the development cycle, gathering all the conditions to be ready to reach higher level and firmly reach out. Let's take a look at the outstanding technologies applied in the products of the high-end Viglacera Platinum product line below. 

Nano Titan enamel technology (video)

Antibacterial Nano Titan enamel technology 

Nano Titan is Viglacera's exclusive enamel according to European technology, first present in Vietnam. The silver-coated Nano Titan enamel layer has both antibacterial effect up to 89% (according to research by Pasteur Institute), and is effective at waterproofing, anti-adhesion, and self-cleaning. In particular, the vitrified enamel layer is firmly attached to the surface of the product, keeping the glaze durable and resistant to being washed away. 

Turbo Vortex flushing technology (video)

Powerful Turbo Vortex flushing technology with 3 forces 

Viglacera's Turbo Vortex is a powerful flushing technology that reduce noise. The discharge force comes from 3 factors: the discharge system creates a tornado in the bowl of the toilet, the jet propels the waste and the vortex suction siphon effect sucks up even light suspended dirt, fast discharge efficiency and thoroughly. 

Z-Cera technology (video)

Z-Cera technology discharges the sensor through the ceramic surface 

Z-Cera is a technology that sensor discharge through the ceramic surface, eliminating all joints of the discharge trigger  Products with integrated capacitive sensor, non-touch discharge and smooth design, does not create slots, limit bacteria accumulation, ensuring safety, cleanliness and convenience for users. 

Thermostat technology (video)

Thermostat shower technology 

Thermostat is a technology that uses a wax core (WAX) from Europe, allowing the thermostat assembly to expand and contract extremely quickly and accurately. The product has a Thermostat technology core, which is super sensitive and long-lasting, stabilizing the water temperature in less than 1 second, avoiding burns from too hot water or thermal shock due to too cold water. 

Semi Rimless flushing technology (video)

Semi Rimless rim technology is smooth, limiting the accumulation of bacteria 

Semi Rimless is a discharge technology with an advanced, smooth, water-free, non-slit rim design. This is Viglacera's improved effort on sanitary ware, helping to prevent bacteria from multiplying, limiting odors and making it easy to clean. 

Viglacera Platinum sanitary ware is a high-end product line of Viglacera, aimed at the mid-high-end customer segment in the market. With a pioneering orientation in trends and technology, products of Viglacera Platinum series lead the market thanks to advanced solutions applying modern technology, solving overall needs of customers, bringing experience at higher level. 

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