Viglacera organizes business seminar in Southern market

05:00 | 08/08/2022

On the afternoon of August 3, 2022, at Melia Ho Tram - Ba Ria Vung Tau, Viglacera held a business seminar in the field of ceramic tiles in the Southern market. The seminar was attended by more than 50 distributors who are typical partners and customers who have made special contributions to the success of Viglacera in recent years. With the message "Enhancing lifestyle", Viglacera always promotes research and application of advanced science and technology to create material products bearing the mark of changing the living space of Vietnamese people.


Attending the seminar, on the side of Viglacera Corporation, there was Mr. Quach Huu Thuan - Deputy General Director of the Corporation - Director of the Tiles Department, on the side of Viglacera Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company, Mr. Mai Xuan Duc - Chairman of the Board; Mr. Phung Viet Quang - General Director; Mr. Le Duc Tai and Mr. Nguyen Hong Chien - Deputy General Director of the Company; Mr. Nguyen Duy Truc - Deputy Director of Viglacera Tien Son Joint Stock Company, Director of Viglacera - Eurotile Factory. 

Mr. Phung Viet Quang - General Director of Viglacera Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company spoke at the Seminar 

In the context of production and business facing many difficulties that require businesses to constantly change, the workshop focused on discussing issues related to both production and business activities. In recent years, Viglacera has paid special attention to the development of new products to lead the market and create trends in the ceramic tile industry. Viglacera's R&D Center (Product Research and Development Center) is invested in people with a team of leading domestic experts and a team of international experts from Italy and Spain. According to Mr. Carlo Bandini - Italian expert at Viglacera R&D Center: “Viglacera's production system has developed enough to create all kinds of products that the world has. The projects Viglacera's R&D center is researching and developing will soon produce a product and it's worth the wait." 

Ms. Phan Bich Ngoc - Viglacera's research and development specialist for ceramic tiles shared about the new product development orientation 

Mr. Carlo Bandini - Italian expert of Viglacera R&D Center 

Marketing activities shared with agents in the Seminar 

With the strategy of improving production capacity, expanding markets, affirming Viglacera's vision and product development orientation in the high-end segment, Viglacera acquired Bach Ma Factory in 2021 and renamed it Viglacera's Tile factories - Eurotile tiles increase the total capacity of Viglacera's Tile factories to 43 million m2 of products/year, especially high-class porcelain tiles account for nearly 20% of Vietnam's market share, contributing to a significant change in structure. products in the southern market. 

Coming to the seminar, Viglacera listened to many valuable comments from agents about accompanying the development and expansion of the market in order to best serve customers… Representative of the Board of Directors of Viglacera Ceramic Tiles Trading JSC has recognized and absorbed the comments, this is the basis for Viglacera to continue to improve in the process of construction and development. In addition, Viglacera is committed to continuing to accompany and stand side by side with the distribution channel system by providing products with the best quality and service and building a transparent and clear sales policy to create favorable conditions for business activities. 

Agents speak and contribute ideas at the Seminar 

Agents speak and contribute ideas at the Seminar 

Overview of Viglacera business seminar in the Southern market 

Along with the comments from the dealers, the Board of Directors of Viglacera Ceramic Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company launched a sales movement in the last 5 months of the year with many attractive gifts to contribute to promoting the sales activities at agents in the South region. The business seminar is part of the long-term strategy of focusing on developing and promoting the southern market. Viglacera wants to send a message about the company's closeness and companionship in all activities of its agent system and distribution channels, towards the common goal of serving consumers. 

In the evening of the same day, the event "Viglacera - You & Me" was held with a close and cozy space, the program gathered famous artists such as singer Ho Trung Dung, singer Hai Yen Idol, Mat Ngoc, Openshare... The music night "Viglacera Music Night - You and Me" brought deep moments and sublimated and explosive emotions, and also brought people together. 

The seminar is not only an opportunity for Viglacera to express gratitude to agents in the region but also an opportunity for partners to exchange and share business experiences, thereby affirming their role and position as leading manufacturer of building materials. Besides, the music night "You & Me" was a time to exchange, with emotions and strengthen the good relationship between Viglacera and the agents who are great friends.

Some other typical photos at the event: 


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