Viglacera - the only enterprise in Vietnam that has been nominated for the British Council’s prestigious Skills Partnership of the Year Award 2015.

10:16 | 24/11/2015

On 17th November 2015, British Council organized the annual International Conference on Skills Development "Bringing the Learning Home 2015" in Birmingham - UK. In the framework of the seminar, British Council would award "International Skills Partnership" for the most successful partnership of the year. Competing against a diverse range of very successful skills projects from 25 countries in the world, the Proskills – Viglacera project has made it to the elite shortlist. On behalf of Viglacera Corporation - JSC, Mr. Jonathan Ledger – CEO Proskills UK attended the ceremony and accepted the prize.

Bringing the Learning Home is the British Council's annual conference in building its international partnership in industrial skills development. The event includes inspiring plenary presentations, interactive capacity-building workshops and outstanding international networking opportunities. It also sees the announcement of a global call for new partnerships, and the unveiling of its prestigious International Skills Partnership of the Year.

The bringing the Learning Home conference is designed for policy-makers, businesses, principals and the management of international cooperation at colleges, universities, and representatives of vocational skills organizations, awarding bodies and training organizations in the UK and other countries around the world.

The project between Viglacera and Proskills UK was awarded Skills Partnership of the Year Award 2015 by British Council.

The original skills agreement contract was signed by Viglacera and Proskills UK in September 2014. As a result, both parties had actively implemented and achieved many complex and detailed work tasks: 5 full sets of National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) developed covering 60 job functions; 5 matching sets of curriculum content developed for use throughout the industry; 500 industry based technical and educational experts consulted during the development process; 120 staff received extensive NOSS and VET training over 10 months from 5 industries; 17 common NOSS units covering health, safety and environmental, soft skills and leadership adopted by 40 x further Viglacera divisions (outside the project).

As part of pilot activity, 36 staff have been trained to be vocational skills assessors; 10 staff have been trained to be vocational skills verifiers; 80 participating learners have been taken from factories; 15 participating sites from five industries; and 160 assessment undertaken. Moreover, there are three more business areas to be covered as part of partnership extension covering senior management from all divisions, real estate sales and college staff and two business improvement consultation visits completed for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and Brick plants.


In addition to this work, Proskills has developed a proposal for the development of higher level NOSS and curriculum (levels 6 to 8) in partnership with the National University of Civil Engineering and submitted this to British Council and the Viglacera Corporation for approval.

The proposal was accepted and a new activity agreement between Proskills and Viglacera has been signed to develop and deliver a raft of high management and business training.

With the Skills Partnership of the Year Award 2015, Viglacera was the only enterprise in Vietnam awarded by the British Council, proving the efficacy of Viglacera's development strategy in training and development for sustainable human resource development.

2015 had become a remarkable year for the strong development of Viglacera, especially for international integration in all aspects of business, from manufacturing to research and training. There will be a change in Vigalcera "quality" outstanding with the elite, expertise and mastery of advanced production technology team, ready to compete with the huge number of competitors in the world.

Proskills is an organization that has worked in many different industrial sectors in the UK, such as the construction material industry, mining, furniture, etc. and is certified by the UK Government. Proskills is a reputable organization with experience in the development of standards, training and skills development according to each specific environment of the business in order to raise the level of human resources, work productivity as well as quality of products.


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