In March 2019, 27 Trade Unions of Business Units successfully hold 2019 Labor Conference and Workplace Dialogue

02:36 | 03/04/2019

Until end of March 2019, 27 Business Units of Viglacera Corporation successfully hold Labor Conference and Workplace Dialogue between employers and employees based on Decree 149/2018 of the Government on implementing democratic statue in Units.

27 business units which successfully hold labor conference are: The Parent company, Viglacera Real Estate Company, Viglacera Construction Company, Viglacera Construction machinery company, Viglacera Faucet Company, Viglacera Van Hai – JSC, Viglacera Float Glass Company, Viglacera Sanityware Binh Duong, Viglacera Sanityware My Xuan, Viglacera Ha Long – JSC, Viglacera Investment on Infrastructure Development company, Viglacera Investment and Import-Export – JSC, Viglacera Viet Tri JSC, Viglacera Thang Long JSC, Viglacera Dap Cau Sheet Glass JSC, Viglacera Commercial JSC, Viglacera Tien Son JSC, Viglacera Ha Long 1 JSC, Viglacera Autoclaved aerated concrete JSC, Viglacera SanityWare Thanh Tri JSC, Viglacera R&D Institution, Viglacera Dong Anh JSC, Viglacera Ha Noi JSC, Viglacera Tu Liem JSC, Viglacera Tiles Trading JSC, Viglacera Glass Assembly single-member LLC, Viglacera packaging and brake pad company .

Organizing Workplace Dialogue is the best method to build a harmonious, stable and progressive labor relationship in an enterprise. This will help both sides to understand and sympathize with each other more, share information together to complete well all operation and business missions set by the Corporation. In the Dialogues, employees proactively gave ideas and feedbacks to employers on how to improve working facilities and working environment, questioned about Compensation & Benefits (Viglacera Ha Long) and contributed solutions to improve technology (Viglacera Hanoi). 

There are a lot of reasons leading to a strike in a company and one of the most original reason is the lack of communicating information between 2 sides of an employment relationship. When employees feel not satisfied with the information they have, they will be easily affected by wrong information, which leads to actions not suit with the Law regulation on Strike causing trouble for both the employer and employees themselves. Besides, employers will also have trouble if they make business decision lacking of information about demands and wishes of their own labor force. Therefore, only by regular Dialogues and collective negotiation meeting, employers could have right decisions and policies which get the high agreement from the labor forces and create a huge power for employees to work enthusiastically and passionately for both the company’s and their own sake.

Well organizing workplace dialogues and collective negotiation meetings with employees, the employer not only follow to the Labor law and regulations but also get a real benefit for both sides in an employment relationship. Only organizing well workplace dialogues and collective negotiation meetings could really help to build a harmonious, stable and progressive employment relationship in an organization.

According to the evaluation about the implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement and the results of commitment on coordination to act between employers and Labor Unions in Business Units of Viglacera Corporation – JSC, all commitments mentioned in the Agreement were completed exceeding the requirement. The plan of building average salary level in 2019 for employees increases minimum 3% compared to 2018.

In Labor conferences, the standing committee of Corporation Labor Union highly appreciated activities of Business Units in 2018 to ensure benefits for employees and their management boards’ big effort in 2018 to pay fully social insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and other fees according to the Labor Law. Besides, the tasks of ensuring jobs for employees, caring about their personal lives especially on occasion of Tet and other traditional holidays were also highly evaluated. In 2019, the Executive committee of Labor Union will organize training to improve knowledge and soft skills for all Labor Union members from team leader lever up; organize competition for ideas, technical solutions to encourage innovation in production and business, which helps to achieve the excellent business results in 2019 to welcome Viglacera Corporation’s 45th anniversary of establishment . 

Some pictures in Labor conferences of Business Units:

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