Meet former top executives of the Corporation in the beginning of 2018

03:53 | 08/02/2018

With the “when drinking water, remember its source” tradition, in order to achieve today's results, leaders and staff of Viglacera Corporation always recognized the contribution of former top executives’ generations of the Corporation through periods. Inheriting those cultural values, each Viglacera staff has built, maintained and developed a traditional cultural background. This culture is tailored to the characteristics of the industry, built on core values and reflected in Viglacera's leadership style, working style and behavior.

On February 8th 2018, as a tradition, Viglacera Corporation held an annual meeting between generations of the Corporation’s top executives through periods. The first meeting of Spring 2018 was extremely honored to welcome Mr. Tran Ngoc Quang - Former General Director, Mr. Tran Dinh The - Former Chairman of the BOD, Mr. Dinh Quang Huy - Former General Director, Former Vice Minister of Construction Nguyen Tran Nam (General Director of the Corporation period 2005-2007) and other former Deputy General Directors, Chairman of the Corporation's Trade Union in all periods.

Overview of the meeting

On behalf of the Corporation's top executives, Chairman of the BOD – Mr. Luyen Cong Minh has reported the results of operations in 2017 with the highlight of business activities have achieved the best results in the past 10 years. The company has focused on investing in developing high-tech products such as: super-white glass, energy-saving glass ... Mr. Luyen Cong Minh also shared the development orientations of Viglacera Corporation in 2018 and the following years. The Corporation is continuing to invest in high-tech and environmentally-friendly product sets. In 2018, the Corporation will follow a restructuring plan to reduce the State capital to 36% and 0% in 2019.

Excited about the results achieved in 2017 by Viglacera Corporation in general and the efforts of collective Viglacera’s leaders and staff in particular, the former top executives have shared their feelings and memories, together remembered the milestones and foundations for building such a strong Viglacera today.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Quang - Former General Director of Viglacera Corporation spoke at the meeting  

Mr. Tran Ngoc Quang - Former General Director of Viglacera Corporation, who had a lot of enthusiasm to build the foundation of cultural values as well as professional values of Viglacera has a very deep sharing and timely suggestions for Viglacera non-stop development. Besides the joys with the outstanding growth of Viglacera Corporation in the past year, he also commented on the company needs to be active before the transformation of the new economy and market trends of the technological revolution 4.0, Viglacera should be prepared for adaptation of technology and human resources…

Former top executives and top executives of Viglacera Corporation 

Viglacera's tradition has been built and preserved for generations. The history of Viglacera is written with the sweat and effort of the older generations. The young generation today vow to follow that path, stick with the profession, to continue to preserve and promote the tradition of Viglacera people, build a Viglacera’s image bright forever.