Viglacera holds the Conference of review, evaluation collective, personal representative of the capital and the management in 2014

20:34 | 15/01/2015

Implementation the guiding document number of 538 / BXD-TCCB date September 12, 2014 by the Ministry of Construction for guiding the review in 2014, in the afternoon January 14, 2015 Viglacera holds the conference of review, evaluation collective, personal representative of the capital and the management, at the head office, no. 1 Thang Long Avenue, Hanoi.

Voting committee publicly checks the vote at the conference

Attending the conference, the Ministry of Construction has Mr. Nguyen Hong Khai - Director – Official Section of Communist Party, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuoi - Deputy Director of Personnel and Organization Department; Cau Giay District Party Committee has Mr. Nguyen Van Thu – Commissioner of the Standing Committee, Head of Propaganda; Viglacera has Mr. Luyen Cong Minh - Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – General Director and other members are member of Management Board, Deputy General Director, Chief Accountant, Supervisor, Director, Head of the departments and directors who represents the capital of Viglacera at subsidiaries.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Khai - Director – Official Section of Communist Party of Ministry of Construction states to guide the conference

Viglacera marked a milestone in the development in 2014 when it officially changes into joint-stock company. Board of Management and Board of General Directors have been determined to promote traditional strength and complete the tasks of political, economic assigned. Viglacera has implemented drastic measures proper and effective implementation of restructuring strongly and actively grasp the situation, drastic management and flexibility of the parent company to the member units; Viglacera has completed a comprehensive, exceeded the targets set out, especially the last 6 months. The main target in 2014 is to ensure growth plan period of 2011-2015, especially the value of business, revenue, laborers’ salary growth 8-15%, profit growth target set 20 - 30% compared with 2013.

Chairman Luyen Cong Minh reports the reviewing 2014 of representative of state capital in Viglacera

At the conference, the review is taken place in accordance with the process, from the thorough implementation, review writing, criticism and self-criticism; solicit suggestions for collective or individual to acquire explanations and offer solutions to overcome the shortcomings limit. Contents of review are full, frank, the heartfelt comments on constructive spirit. Especially the confidence vote and vote check were conducted seriously and publicly. Representatives of the state capital at Viglacera, Deputy General Directors, Chief Accountant, Chief Supervisor receives high confidence; all employees trust in the leadership of the Boards of Management to implement successful mission in 2015.

Many comments are objective, candid

Some other pictures at the conference:

Representatives of the state capital at Viglacera and deputy director make a self-criticism

The process of voting and vote counting credibility are implemented seriously