Viglacera Exceeds 2023 Targets: Celebrating 49 Years of Excellence

15:35 | 25/07/2023

On the occasion of celebrating the 49th anniversary of the establishment of Viglacera (25/7/1974 – 25/7/2023), Viglacera has successfully completed the full-year profit target for 2023 as assigned by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, accomplishing it within the first 7 months of the year. 

Despite facing difficulties and challenges due to the impact of global and domestic economic recession directly affecting its two main business areas, namely, the production and trading of construction materials and real estate investment, Viglacera  exceeded the full-year profit target for 2023 set by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders within the first 7 months of 2023.

Looking back at nearly 50 years of construction and development, with a systematic and confident strategic approach, Viglacera has continuously grown and asserted its pioneering role in the fields of construction materials production and real estate investment. It has swiftly established its position and reputation with highly impressive values.

Leaders of Viglacera Corporation through the periods

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approved the main targets in production and business activities

Viglacera has gradually affirmed its leadership and prominent role as a leading enterprise in the Vietnamese construction materials industry. Products bearing the Viglacera brand have always been highly regarded in the market due to their pioneering nature in guiding consumer trends and their superior product quality. With a commitment to optimizing natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact of production to build a "green life" for the community, Viglacera considers the development of green building materials and green projects as an essential part of its long-term and sustainable development strategy.

The investment in the Sacmi Continua+ production line is part of Viglacera's long-term and sustainable green material development strategy.

Not only achieving great success in the construction materials industry, but Viglacera also continues to leave an "impressive" mark in the industrial park real estate sector. By taking the right direction and achieving significant growth, it has made a significant contribution to Viglacera's overall success. Additionally, Viglacera is also involved in developing urban projects and complex housing estates. It has become a pioneer in the development of social housing, contributing to the realization of the national housing development strategy.

Sintered Stone is produced on modern production lines, providing a substitute for natural stone and wood materials.

On the journey towards celebrating 50 years since its establishment, Viglacera Corporation - Joint Stock Company has continuously grown, creating "miracles" that bear the distinct mark of Viglacera in both its strong field of construction materials and real estate. It has established itself as a strong Vietnamese brand, continually expanding internationally and being recognized as a Top 10 Leading Brand in Vietnam, Top 500 Largest Enterprises in Vietnam, Top 10 Best Industrial Real Estate Developers in Vietnam, a National Brand, and a worthy representative of the Quality International Brand in the Asia-Pacific region.

With its solid foundation, impressive achievements, and illustrious history, Viglacera will continue to strengthen its position with new, comprehensive, and powerful strides in the future.

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