Viglacera launches Viglacera Platinum brand and introduces Eurotile Center in Hanoi

02:04 | 03/02/2020

Blending in the welcome of the spring atmosphere in the whole country, the morning of 02 February 2020 (the 9th day of the Lunar New Year), Viglacera Ceramic Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company hosted a meeting with its customers on the occasion of Canh Ty Spring 2020 and released new premium brand Viglacera Platinum at Eurotile Center Hanoi.

The Program “Early-Spring Meeting” is an annual activity of Viglacera when the spring is in the air

Attendees the meeting included: Representatives of Board of Directors of Viglacera Corporation - JSC and directors of Production - Business unit of Viglacera Tiles Group. In particular, the meeting was joined by more than 150 guests, who are representatives of level-1 distribution agents of Viglacera nationwide.

Mr Nguyen Manh Hieu - General Director of Viglacera Ceramic Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Nguyen Manh Hieu - General Director of Viglacera Ceramic Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company gave all officers, employees and agents, partners and customers New Year greetings from Viglacera. Simultaneously, emphasizing that the release of the premium brand Viglacera Platinum for ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware and experience of nationwide-system of Eurotile Center showroom is the clearest evidence for commitments Viglacera has made to its customers. In 2020, with the key message - "Development and integration", Viglacera has built fundamental elements to thrive in the domestic market and steadily reaching out to the international market.

Viglacera Platinum porcelain products with breakthroughs in features, technology and design

In the splendid spring atmosphere at Eurotile Center Hanoi, the customers had the opportunity to visit and experience high-class tiles and sanitary ware products of Viglacera Platinum and Eurotile. The products whose completely-synchronized materials are considered to be trendy in the next decade such as: Smart water-saving toilets, new generation bathtubs and ceramic tiles with matte glaze, etc. are displayed in the modern and stylish space at Eurotile Center.

Special space of Viglacera Platinum collection 2020

Especially, on the occasion of Canh Ty spring 2020, Viglacera has launched a new product collection - Viglacera Platinum cotton tiles which was inspired by 12 typical flower seasons of Hanoi. According to designers, this new product collection with unique, impressive and highly applicable design was influenced by the song "Hanoi - 12 flower seasons" by musician Giang Son. This is also a collection marking the good start of Viglacera in the second decade of the 21st century.

The Spring Meeting 2020 held in open space of Eurotile Center

The Early Spring Meeting and the introduction of the high-class brand Viglacera Platinum took place in the open space of Eurotile Center with music and wine, which left a deep impression on customers’ minds. This annual activity has become a good tradition of Viglacera whenever Tet and the spring is coming, starting a new year with many expectations and satisfactory, successful production and business results.

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