VNR500: Viglacera Corporation - JSC 3 consecutive years holds the leading position in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in the construction material manufacturing and trading industry.

07:54 | 08/01/2021

On January 8, 2021 in Hanoi, Viglacera Corporation - JSC was pround to be honored in the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam by 2020 - results based on independent research and evaluation of a joint stock company (Vietnam Report).

Deputy General Director Nguyen Anh Tuan, representative of Viglacera Corporation received the honor of VNR500 

This is the third consecutive time Viglacera Corporation - JSC is honored at the first position in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in the construction materials manufacturing and trading industry in the VNR500 chart, on the one hand Viglacera's outstanding position in the Vietnamese business community with achievements in revenue scale, and at the same time recognizing worthy achievements for the Corporation's efforts in innovation and "Green" technology application, improve business activities towards becoming more professional and sustainable. 

Founded in 1974, after 46 years of innovation and development, Viglacera has risen and affirmed its position as the leading Vietnamese brand in the construction materials and real estate industry in Vietnam, from which to continue image promotion, building prestige brand in the world. 

Viglacera Corporation - JSC continues to be No. 1 in the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in the construction materials manufacturing and trading industry. 

To serve as the foundation for Viglacera's development, it is necessary to mention serious and methodical investment for many years. It is the continuous cooperation with the world's leading equipment suppliers and technology firms in research, consultation and supply of high-tech equipment such as Von Ardenne GmBh Group (Germany) - Saving Energy Glass, HESS AAC SYSTEMS (Germany) Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, etc, to build, operate and use production lines. 

The fact that Viglacera continues to maintain its name in the VNR500 rankings continues to show the key and pioneer role of Viglacera Corporation - JSC in the field of manufacturing, trading construction materials and investing in real estate products in Vietnam, affirming Viglacera's achievements, efforts and dedication to the socio-economic development of the country. 

Announced link: VNR500 - Ranking Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam 

On the ranking of the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam 2020, Viglacera is ranked 135 and ranked No. 1 among the largest enterprises in the construction materials industry. VNR500 ranking is built based on the results of independent research and evaluation of Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report), combining analysis on criteria of actual revenue of the business, total assets, total employees, profit after tax and other indicators such as ROA, ROE, media reputation, etc. Enterprises do not have to pay any fee to get is listed in the VNR500 Ranking. 

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