Ensure that all union members and workers are cared for on the occasion of the Tan Suu Lunar New Year

04:49 | 02/02/2021

Implementing the plan of the Vietnam Construction Trade Union and the 2020 work program of the Corporation's Trade Union, the Corporation's Standing Committee has developed a plan to organize activities to care for union members, employees on the occasion of New Year's Eve 2021 and the Tan Suu Lunar New Year.

Accordingly, the work of caring for workers and employees of the Tan Suu Tet Holiday is organized synchronously at the Trade Union base, the superior trade union direct base. Trade unions at all levels develop a plan to organize Tet care for union members, employees at their level with meaningful, diversified, practical and effective activities to ensure that all union members, employees are cared for during Tet, especially union members, employees with difficult circumstances, who has not been able to return for many years, now has the opportunity to return home to reunite with his family. 

The main activities to take care of the new year 2021 and the Tan Suu Lunar New Year include: Taking care of wages and bonuses during the Tet holidays, ensuring the interests of employees; organizing activities to bring and pick up union members, employees back to their hometown for Tet and also provide direct cash support to employees depending on actual needs; organize Tet activities for union members, employees who cannot afford to go home to celebrate Tet; organizing activities to visit, give presents to union members, employees; coordinate to deal with employee's benefits arising during the Tet holiday. In particular, it is recommended that employees strictly follow the directions of the authorities at all levels on Covid19 epidemic prevention and control, which are under very complicateed circumstances when the Lunar New Year is approaching. 

To the employees of Viglacera, under the direction of the Vietnam Construction Trade Union, the Trade Union of the Corporation awarded 366 sets of gifts, each worth 500,000 VND. In addition, the grassroots trade unions also paid a visit to and motivated the employees with the amount from 500,000 VND to 1 million VND. In addition, the Corporation's Trade Union also proposed the Corporation's leaders to support all employees of the 09 most difficult units with a cost of from 1 million to 2 million VND / person with a total cost nearly 02 billion VND to help workers in these units overcome immediate difficulties to welcome Xuan Tan Suu peacefully. 

The Corporation's Trade Union assigned the comrades in the Executive commitee to directly visit, encourage and wish Happy New Year to the workers with difficult circumstances working at the factories of the units such as: One Member Limited Company Erection of Viglacera Glass, Viglacera Huu Hung JSC, Viglacera Aerated autoclaved Concrete JSC, Viglacera Tien Son JSC, etc.

This is an annual activity of the Corporation's Trade Union, has practical meaning to employees in the New Year, and at the same time creates motivation, mobilize and encourages employees to work with higher productivity and quality and increasingly attached to businesses, trade union organizations. 

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