Viglacera Corporation: 11 months profit reached 124% of the plan in 2021

08:56 | 03/12/2021

On December 2, 2021, Viglacera Corporation - JSC held a briefing meeting to evaluate production and business results in November and deploy the business plan tasks in December 2021.

Reporting the results of production and business activities in November and implementing the tasks of the business plan in December 2021, Deputy General Director of the Corporation Nguyen Anh Tuan reviewed the general situation of the operation and production of the Corporation, towards the implementation of the 2022 plan target. 

Although 2021 had many negative changes affecting the whole economy, however, with the right orientations, specific goals throughout the implementation process, the initiative and drastic management, the close supervision of the Corporation's leaders, the solidarity, attachment and high determination of the staffs, the production and business activities of the Corporation have recorded many positive results. Viglacera Corporation has successfully completed the target of Profit plan assigned by the General Meeting of Shareholders in 2021 before the deadline. 

In November 2021, the Corporation completed and exceeded the profit target plan. Real estate business continues to be promoted and makes great contributions to the Corporation's overall profit. The field of construction materials also had many prosperity, especially the Glass group, November's profit continued to complete and exceed the set plan. 

The new factory project acquired by Viglacera in 2021 has welcomed distributors to visit to "check out" the scale and production line of Viglacera's international quality tiles 

Specifically, the results of the implementation of the production and business plan in November 2021, the profit before tax of the Corporation is estimated at 122% of the monthly plan; Accumulated 11 months' profit is estimated at 124% of the year plan, profit increased by 533.7 billion dong over the same period. 

In particular, the Parent Company continued to perform well its leading role, taking the lead in maintaining and fulfilling the profit target that exceeded the plan committed to the General Meeting of Shareholders and soon completed the profit target of the year 2021. 

On the basis of the achieved results, Viglacera sets a target plan for December 2021, strives to continue to complete the monthly production and business plan, creating a premise for the implementation of the plan target in 2022. 

Accordingly, the Corporation will continue to vigorously implement restructuring in governance from the parent company to its affiliated units to proactively overcome difficulties and challenges, improve operational efficiency of production and business. 

In addition, the Corporation will focus on investing in developing new, valuable and high-quality products that are feasible in terms of domestic and export competitiveness in the field of construction materials, including group of ceramic tiles, glass, sanitary ware… 

The signing ceremony between Viglacera Real Estate Company (belonging to Viglacera Corporation - JSC) and Amkor Technology Group - the world's leading group in semiconductor manufacturing at the People's Committee of Bac Ninh province 

As for the field of real estate, the Corporation focuses on investing and developing and expanding the land fund of industrial parks, the segment of social housing, and housing for workers according to the Government's policy to bring into full play its advantages and potentials available from the Corporation..., continues to affirm its position as one of the leading enterprises in the field of production and trading of construction materials and real estate (infrastructure of industrial parks, urban areas, social housing). 

Speaking at the meeting, General Director Nguyen Anh Tuan directed the units to focus on solving outstanding problems in 2021. Particularly in December 2021 and 2022, the disease forecast is still With complicated and unpredictable developments, units need to proactively take measures to prevent and adapt to new production and business conditions, ensuring the dual goals of both fighting the epidemic and maintaining effective production and business; strong development orientation in export work to reduce domestic competitive pressure as well as affirm Viglacera brand in the international market. 

In addition, the units continue to focus on solutions to stabilize production and organize the consumption market to ensure the completion of the 2021 plan targets, and at the same time prepare well the conditions for raw materials, machines, equipment, technology and labor force to implement the business plan in 2022... 

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