Viglacera is recognized as one of the top 25 leading brands by Forbes Vietnam.

14:13 | 18/10/2023

Forbes Vietnam has recognized Viglacera with a brand value of up to $48.2 million, ranking second in the construction materials industry.

This is the eighth consecutive year that Forbes Vietnam has compiled a list of leading brands and the third year that company brands have been calculated by sector.

Viglacera is proud to be included in the Top 25 Leading Brands of Forbes Vietnam

In this year, both Viglacera, GELEX and CADIVI made it to the Top 25 leading brands ranking of Forbes Vietnam. Accordingly, the GELEX brand is valued at USD 92 million, the Viglacera brand is valued at USD 48.2 million, and the CADIVI brand is valued at USD 13 million.

Representatives of Viglacera, GELEX and CADIVI received the trophy of honor at the event held on October 17th in Ho Chi Minh City

With Forbes Vietnam valuing the Viglacera brand at up to $48.2 million, this is a realistic estimate of the value and strength of the brand in the Vietnamese business community. Forbes has calculated the brand value of leading consumer goods and industrial companies, with quantitative calculation support from SSI Securities. This is a testament to the rise and reputation of Viglacera in the construction industry.

For nearly half a century of construction and development, with a solid strategy, steady but no less bold steps, Viglacera has grown and asserted its leading role in the field of construction materials production and real estate investment and business, creating many breakthroughs in the construction materials industry.

The presence in the prestigious ranking of Forbes Vietnam has confirmed the strength and position of the Viglacera brand in the Vietnamese business community.

Viglacera signed an agreement with Amkor company to invest in the world's largest factory at Yen Phong 2C Industrial Park developed by Viglacera.

Viglacera's success reflects its integration and strong competitive strength in the international market. Viglacera's products have conquered and maintained large markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. This proves not only the efficiency in production but also the ability to compete and adapt to demanding and high-quality markets.

Viglacera is the only Vietnamese company to have a product booth at the world's largest international building materials and design exhibition Cersaie in Bologna, Italy in 2023.

With the recognition from Forbes Vietnam, Viglacera continues to affirm its strength and position in the Vietnamese business community and will surely continue to shape and promote the development of the construction materials and real estate investment industries in the future.

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Forbes's brand value determination method is based on publicly disclosed financial data, eliminating profits generated from tangible assets to determine the profits generated by the company from intangible assets. The company's brand value is determined from this figure after allocating the brand contribution coefficient in each industry and the average P/E coefficient of that industry at the time of calculation.

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