VIGLACERA (VGC) at Vietnam Green Building Week 2023 Introduces New Material - Sintered Stone under Vasta Stone brand

10:07 | 29/09/2023

On September 28, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, Viglacera (VGC) once again participated in the "Green Building Week Vietnam" event. This occasion marked the company's pride in introducing a comprehensive range of green construction materials, particularly the "Sintered Stone," produced in Vietnam under the Vasta Stone brand. This material exhibits the potential to replace various natural and traditional materials, contributing to environmental preservation and delivering significant value to investors, construction contractors, and consumers.

During the event, Mr. Quách Hữu Thuận, Deputy General Director of Viglacera Corporation, directly delivered a speech at the session on "Green Building Materials" with the theme "Sintered Stone - Application Features and Manufacturing Technology in Vietnam." He emphasized the reasons why Viglacera invested heavily in this product, highlighting the importance of materials in the context of construction trends increasingly focusing on green projects, ensuring consumer safety, and optimizing investment performance for construction projects.

Mr. Quách Hữu Thuận - Deputy CEO of Viglacera Corporation delivering speech at the event

In recent years, the Vietnamese building materials and interior design industry has seen remarkable growth, supplying the domestic market and exporting at a high growth rate. Investment in advanced production technologies and the use of new materials, especially environmentally friendly materials, has positioned Vietnam at the forefront in the Asian region.

In the field of architectural construction and interior design, traditional materials such as natural stone, wood, and artificial stone remain popular. However, they have drawbacks, such as high production and construction costs, susceptibility to damage, warping, and mold growth, leading to high maintenance costs and negative environmental impacts.

Furthermore, these materials cannot fully meet the requirements of modern construction projects and the creativity of architects and interior designers today.

Mr. Nguyễn Tường Văn - Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Construction visits the booth showcasing Viglacera's Green Construction Materials products.

This prompted Viglacera to conduct research and invest in producing materials capable of replacing and complementing natural stone, natural wood, and artificial stone, while ensuring environmental sustainability in production and usage. Alongside other environmentally friendly materials such as AAC block, energy-saving Low-E glass, and water-saving sanitary ware, Viglacera introduced its latest product produced in Vietnam in 2023 - Sintered Stone with large dimensions up to 1600mm x 3200mm, marking a significant breakthrough in the industry.

Manufacturing Technology of Sintered Stone and Environmental Benefits

Firstly, the production process of Sintered Stone is sustainable. It is made from readily available natural materials in Vietnam, with low water and energy consumption. Notably, Viglacera's production plant utilizes clean fuel and consumes only one-third of the electricity compared to traditional methods, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental costs.

Secondly, Sintered Stone is 100% recyclable. It can be crushed and reused without generating waste.

Thirdly, Sintered Stone is a safe material. It is widely used in interior surfaces, with high chemical resistance, waterproof properties, and no surface treatment or harmful chemicals in production. It is a safe choice for various spaces and does not contain free silica, making it suitable for high-safety applications such as kitchens.

Mr. Quách Hữu Thuận - Deputy CEO of Viglacera Corporation - introduces the benefits of sintered stone products.

With Sintered Stone, Viglacera reaffirms the concept of sustainable design, offering investors and designers more choices compared to natural stone, artificial stone, and other materials used in interior design such as wood and wallpaper.

The Minister of Construction placed a plaque commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Construction Industry on the largest sintered stone in Vietnam at Viglacera's factory on September 11th.

Viglacera's Sintered Stone has been recognized as the largest in Vietnam (measuring 1620mm x 3310mm - acknowledged by the Vietnam Record), and it has received a commemorative plaque from the Minister of Construction for the 65th anniversary of the construction industry.

Benefits of Sintered Stone

Viglacera takes pride in its Sintered Stone product and is committed to bringing numerous benefits to the market:

Aesthetic and sophistication: Sintered Stone has surface effects and beauty equivalent to natural stone, with various surface options for creating diverse and exquisite designs.

Product durability: Sintered Stone is highly durable, resistant to scratches, and has a longer lifespan than natural stone.

Safety and easy maintenance: Sintered Stone is waterproof and easy to maintain, making it safe for contact with food due to its absence of harmful chemicals like silica. It can entirely replace quartz stone in kitchen applications.

Diverse applications: Sintered Stone can be used for various applications and is an excellent material for interior furnishings and kitchen countertops.

Sintered stone products are widely used on kitchen surfaces, replacing quartz stone, thanks to their user safety and effective scratch resistance properties. Image: Vasta Stone.

Vasta Stone, Viglacera's Sintered Stone brand, bring a new construction material produced using the world's most advanced technology. This material boasts numerous superior qualities, providing benefits to investors, construction contractors, and end-users alike.

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective maintenance, easy installation, and various other advantages make Sintered Stone a rational choice for construction and design projects that demand flexibility and high efficiency in terms of progress and time.

Why Choose Sintered Stone Produced in Vietnam?

Viglacera is a pioneer in introducing Sintered Stone to the Vietnamese market, particularly manufacturing it using the world's most advanced technology. Viglacera's Sintered Stone matches the quality of Italian imports but offers a significantly more competitive price. This allows Viglacera's Sintered Stone to be incorporated into national key projects and high-end architectural projects such as airports and resorts.

Vasta Stone, Viglacera's Sintered Stone brand, is proudly presented at the prestigious Cersaie 2023 World Building Materials Exhibition in Bologna, Italy.

Vasta Stone brand sintered stone at the Cersaie 2023 exhibition in Italy.

With Sintered Stone products, Viglacera once again reinforces the concept of sustainable design, providing investors and designers with more choices compared to natural stone, artificial stone, and other materials used in interior design such as wood and wallpaper. Viglacera's investment in Sintered Stone production is a significant step in the development of Vietnam's environmentally friendly construction industry, aligning with modern global architectural and technological trends.

At the event, Viglacera continued to showcase and introduce various green building materials that meet the criteria of "green in production" and "green in use." These included premium tiles, slim tiles (6mm - 20mm), large-format tiles, AAC block, and AAC/ALC panels, water-saving sanitary ware, energy-saving glass, and ultra-clear glass. These products represent cutting-edge green technology in the Vietnamese market and have been exported to over 40 countries and territories worldwide, including strategic markets such as the United States and Europe.

CViglacera's environmentally-friendly construction materials  products are being introduced at the event

About Green Building Week Vietnam:

The Green Building Week Vietnam 2023 event had the theme "Developing Green Buildings to Drive Green Transformation in the Construction Industry: Opportunities and Challenges." The event attracted more than 1,000 participants, including professionals from various fields such as design consulting, architecture, real estate, building materials, equipment, technology, mechanical and electrical products, green and smart interior products, energy-efficient products, and low-emission products.

This annual event is hosted by the Ministry of Construction, in collaboration with other ministries, departments, local authorities, the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), organizations, associations, and companies in the manufacturing, service, construction, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly building sectors.

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