Viglacera Leads the Way in Green Construction Materials Production - Pioneering the Net Zero Trend

11:50 | 07/08/2023

By promoting eco-friendly products and implementing environmentally-friendly solutions, Viglacera has solidified its position as a trailblazing enterprise in spearheading the Net Zero trend in Vietnam.

The Net Zero trend, aiming to achieve zero net emissions, is no longer unfamiliar to businesses in this era of climate change, where urgency is paramount. Net Zero demands that companies eliminate carbon emissions entirely from all business activities within their operations and supply chains.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2022, global CO2 emissions reached a record 37 billion tonnes - the highest level since 1900. Vietnam ranked among the top 20 countries with the highest emissions in the world. Therefore, Net Zero is not just a challenge but also a top priority for all businesses in taking action to reduce Vietnam's emissions in the future.

Viglacera's energy-saving glass coating line is at the forefront of Viglacera's Net Zero trend.

Viglacera has taken significant strides in practical emission reduction and sustainable development by adopting green production methods from the early stages, starting with raw material selection to the manufacturing process. Viglacera has researched, selected, and converted energy sources towards eco-friendly solutions. Realized methods include using 10-20% recycled and waste materials, reclaiming during the usage phase outside the market, or transitioning to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) instead of FO diesel for glass melting, resulting in up to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Viglacera's differentiation in the market is particularly evident through the implementation of green construction materials such as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC, ALC), energy-saving glass (LowE, Solar Control), tiling, and sanitary equipment.

Viglacera's Green Construction Materials Have Set It Apart in the Market.

In particular, Viglacera's optimal energy-saving glass solutions, introduced in the LowE and Solar Control product lines, have been a significant investment. Viglacera has established a glass production line with a capacity of 2.3 million m2/year, producing premium insulated and heat-reflective glass, employing the latest modern technology. These eco-friendly products save up to 51% of electricity costs, block up to 79% of solar radiation, and 99% of UV rays, offering tangible benefits in terms of cost and durability for investors and users alike.

Currently, Viglacera continues to expand its investment in a super-white float glass factory, becoming the domestic leading enterprise to supply glass blanks for solar panel production. With confidence, they are on their way to becoming the first and only float glass line in Vietnam.

Furthermore, the Vasta Stone branded sintered stone is another outstanding green product Viglacera introduced to the market since late 2022. Produced on a modern production line imported from Italy, using Continuous Flat Pressing (PCR) technology with an intensity of up to 450 kg/cm2, the large-sized sintered stone panels boast absolute flatness and superior product quality. With a versatile surface, they can entirely replace natural stone and wood, limiting the exploitation of natural resources and enabling easy recycling.

Viglacera has consistently upheld its commitment to accompany the government's sustainable development strategy through technical innovations and investments in new technologies, working hand-in-hand to tackle the challenge of reducing net emissions to Zero and global methane emissions by 2050.

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