(Investment News) - Clinker Tiles: Exit for sustainable materials at coastline areas

11:02 | 02/06/2015

Viglacera Corporation - JSC has launched a clinker production line in Viglacera Clinker Joint Stock Company, in Dong Trieu district, Quang Ninh Province.

Holding a pioneering and proactive role in advanced technology application investment in building materials production, "King of Materials" in the North of Vietnam, Viglacera Corporation – JSC, has put into operation of a clinker production line at Viglacera Clinker JSC on the anniversary of Vietnam Science and Technology and the 125th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh. This is the most modern clinker production line in Vietnam with key technology and equipment imported from well-known European manufacturers.


Solution for sustainable materials in 28 provinces on the Coastline of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a 3260km coastline over 28 provinces and cities, 125 districts and 12 coastal islands. Due to geographical location and specific climatic conditions, these areas always suffer severely from natural disasters, floods, especially for provinces in the Central Coast and the Mekong Delta.

Given these difficulties for people in terms of housing, Viglacera Corporation - JSC has decided to invest in research and building a clinker production line with a desire to contribute to the industrialization - modernization of the country, helping coastal people live in sustainable, permanent housing.

With the idea of ​​producing high-grade clinker, with almost eternal durability and severe environment resistance, clinker tiles are manufactured with extruded technology product line is ceramic tiles.

According to experts in the construction industry, clinker tiles have been used in most modern buildings in the world. Although the initial cost is bigger than any other ordinary tiles’, but for long term, the effectiveness in the use of clinker tiles is much higher. In Vietnam, clinker can be combined with other construction materials to ensure consistency, protection from severely environmental impact. Besides, using clinker, investors will not have to spend for maintenance cost thanks to the durability of tiles.


Clinker tiles "challenge" the acidic environment

One of the remarkable features of clinker is: The product is fired at a high temperature, to ensure the entirely "clumping" in each individual tile. Fired products have water absorption from 0 to less than 3% (while current tiles and roofing tiles, in the market, have the absorption from 3-14%), so that clinker tiles have ability to "challenge" moss, slipping and environmental impacts like acid, salt, thermal shock.

Clinker tiles withstand bending forces 3 times greater than normal ceramic tiles do; products vary in thickness, size with natural color, no discoloration, anti-slip, no crack resulting from fine crystallization, and are also easy to clean without using chemicals.

To meet the needs of customers, clinker tiles with diverse sizes, basic colors: red, white cream, coffee brown, green, black, and other intermediary colors.

With a desire to build permanent houses on islands, Mr. Nguyen Van Nam (Van Don district - Quang Ninh province) shared the reasons why his family chose clinker tiles were because he had actually seen buildings using this type of tiles when traveling abroad. They are used in swimming pools, flooring in public places and in coastal villas but not slippery, moss or not fade, color deviations. Mr. Nam says he believes in his choice and satisfies with this type of product. Although the price between the clinker tiles and other tiles is different, he still encourages people to invest ahead for long term benefits.

Parallel to clinker tiles to increase uniformity, Viglacera is also producing other products such as Nano-fired glazed sanitary wares, static electrical sprayed showerheads, bulletproof glass, fire resistance glass, glass for boats serving national security, etc. These products are helping to raise Viglacera brand awareness in domestic and international markets, as the slogan "Forever with time" that the leaders of Viglacera have selected as expected by consumers.


Link bài gốc: http://dautubds.baodautu.vn/gach-clinker-loi-ra-cho-vat-lieu-ben-vung-vung-bien-d27171.html

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